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ColbyKnox is extremely pleased to introduce Ethan Tate to the site. The smoking hot cutie is paired with Colby Chambers, who wastes no time at all. :-) The video begins with serious kissing. Both are shirtless, on the studio’s bed. Ethan slides on his back and Colby tastes the boy’s nipples. Then they get on their knees. Colby reaches back, playing with Ethan’s butt cheeks. “I want that ass so bad,” Colby exclaims. “Yeah,” Ethan replies. “It’s all yours.” Colby peels off Ethan’s underwear, exposing the bubble buns. When he removes his undies, it’s clear Colby is prepared for a seriously fun time. His tool is so hard it’s ready to break diamonds. :-) Ethan gets on his stomach, licking Colby’s shiny head. He then works his way to the base. “Lick those balls too,” Colby suggests. “Lap your tongue all over my shaft.” As Ethan works his tongue from the base to the tip, he looks up. “Let me fuck that pretty face,” Colby whispers. He grabs the back of Ethan’s head, plunging deep into his gullet. “You deep throat good,” Colby notes. “Not everyone can.” As Ethan works his throat muscles, Colby leans down to finger the man hole. Ethan comes up for air and the studs kiss some more. It’s time for Ethan to take a ride. Colby gets on his back and Ethan straddles him. He slowly takes a seat on Colby's thick, and bare, tool. He methodically goes up and down. “Use that ass, Ethan,” Colby encourages. Ethan picks up the speed. ”You’re so big,” he notes. “Do you want to take it,” Colby wonders. ”Yes sir,” Ethan replies. As he goes up and down, Colby slaps Ethan’s booty. He reaches around, pulling Ethan’s cheeks as far apart as possible. Colby then thrusts up. “Is that ass made for getting pounded,” Colby wonders. “Yes, sir,” Ethan groans. “Fucking pounded raw by big fat cock,” Colby continues. “Yes, sir,” Ethan answers. “It feels so good.” He slides off Colby’s cock and gets on his stomach. Colby, naturally, is transfixed by the beautiful cake. He leans in, licking Ethan’s hole. Colby just can’t get enough of it, making Ethan wet with spit. After reaching for lube, Colby reinserts his meat. “You want to take it all,” he asks. “Yes, sir,” Ethan pleads. After letting him get used to his size, Colby returns to pumping. Ethan holds the bed’s edge, allowing Colby to fill him up. “You’re so big,” Ethan whimpers. The hammering pace picks up. “You want that cock, don’t you,” Colby asks. “Yes, sir,” Ethan says. Colby deposits gushes of warm cum inside the site newbie. Ethan gets on his back, a leg on Colby’s shoulder. Colby puts his still rock hard dick inside the glistening hole. This causes Ethan to shoot. His creamy juice lands on his inner thigh and stomach. Colby has one more cum explosion. He pulls out and his man juice splatters Ethan’s already soaked bush. “It’s so hot,” Ethan observes. “Welcum” to ColbyKnox, Ethan!


22 year old, 5'11", 165 Lbs. Ethan is hot, handsome and looks even younger than he is! To use Colby's words, Ethan is a "pretty boy!" And what a submissive mood he was in this hot fuck scene as Ethan's ongoing reply to Colby was "yes Sir!" And did Colby fuck Ethan's hot young ass oh so well, then shooting his first spurt of cum inside Ethan, puling out to shoot some more and then breeding him! Young Ethan ended this great scene well fucked and his hot young ass full of Colby's cum!

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Ethan Tate is a great addition to the wonderful men on this site. Looking forward to seeing great things from him. Always a pleasure.

Great chemistry. Best kissing ever! Ethen is an amazing bottom and Colby was his usual hot self with a bit of hot added for this scene!

I have been watching Colby's morning workouts on live cam and it is hot and so worth his effort. He has a hot toned body and I love that about him. The opening segment of the two making out was so fucking hot and loved how Colby's muscled hands ran over that muscled little ass. Love the sucking and the fucking and how much cum cam one-man squirt??? Great guys and Ethan love that body.

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Another beautiful scene! I know Ethan from his debut at another studio a few years ago. I was so happy when I learned Ethan would be coming to ColbyKnox. Since he first started modeling, Ethan has only become more handsome and beautiful. It is obvious that Colby found him an awesome partner and very sexually attractive, since he experienced a double orgasm. I love the kissing, the cock worship of Colby's 'perfect cock' (which it definitely is) and the love he made to Ethan's beautiful butt. Thanks for another beautiful work of sexual lovemaking. I am looking forward to see what else Ethan has in store for us at ColbyKnox, especially with Mickey! Tony Romeo


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