Marine Meet Up

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In this new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox, Colby Chambers has been meeting up with a new recruit named Seth for a few weeks now. They keep slipping away at odd hours and butt fucking in the woods behind the base. Both men know it's risky to be hooking up that close to everyone but they just can't seem to help themselves. Colby and Seth both gets so horny from being around all those sweaty Marines all day long. It can become too much once they start to let their minds race. Thinking about all their huge cocks pressed inside their tight pants. All their ass muscles flexing while they run up the hills. Them grunting and yelling while training in harsh conditions. That's why every couple of days Colby and Seth try to meet up in the woods to relieve some tension. Thinking about all their fellow soldiers 24/7 builds some serious pressure that needs to be taken care of. Colby has found the perfect match with Seth and plans to get as much enjoyment from their arrangement as possible. He loves to get his cock sucked and of course Seth loves to give head. Colby loves to top and Seth is right there to take it up the ass. Together they always find a way to have the best time in the limited 15-20 minute break they are allowed.


Marine Meetup

Of all the videos available on this site, this one has to be one of the best. The sexual chemistry between Colby and Seth is supercharged. The viewer can sense the raw intensity and combustion these two performers generate. The viewer is made to feel the powerful strokes Colby gives to Seth as he masterfully tops him. Suffice, this is a great video that gets the viewer highly engaged and stimulated to climax when the performers engaged in theirs. The one criticism is that the ending is a bit awkward and rushed....however, still, this video is worth seeing!

excellent ++++

omg what an outstanding fucking scene - the picture is soooo fucking clear and sharp ..... and the kissing - tongue action ..... cum shots are fucking spectacular as well ..... Colby's load on Seth's ass is epic - love to lick all that cum up - nom nom nom excellent models - excellent camera work - definitely a 20 out of 10 rating!!! Thank you xoxoxoxox


What an amazing scene! The lighting, camera angles, and background noises were all spot on. The plot was believable and relatable. The chemistry between Colby and Seth was almost palpable. Watching Colby leaning against the tree while Seth sucked, moaned, and drooled all over his penis had me holding my breath. Even the cum shots were epic. Watching Seth’s cum spurting down the front of his uniform definitely had me cheering “Oorah!” Great job! This scene moved straight in to my top 5 favorite CK scenes. All my kink boxes were checked! Thank you!