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Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are back with another hot gay porn show for their fans. These two lovers have been hot for each other for years, going all the way back to their days as servers in a restaurant. Tonight, Colby is chasing Mickey’s tight ass again and enjoys squeezing and slapping that sweet bubble ass. Colby gets the show started by easing up behind Mickey and pulling down his tight black briefs, exposing his sexy smooth ass. He slides his tongue down his crack, tasting his luscious ass while tugging on his low hanging balls. Colby feasts on that tight hole and tongue fucks Mickey’s ass as he sits on his face. Switching positions, Mickey works his way behind Colby, tasting his tight hole. He takes his time licking his hole, slapping his ass, and stroking his back. All this work on Colby’s ass has Mickey fully erect and ready to bury his cock deep inside of that tight ass. Mickey shoves his cock into Colby’s tight ass and he lets out a moan before burying his face into the pillow. Mickey grinds his cock in deeper as he explores inside of Colby’s ass. Mickey grabs him by the shoulder and pulls him tight against his chest while he nibbles on his back and kisses the back of his neck. Colby taps out and gets what he’s been wanting all day, balls deep in his man’s tight hole. Mickey is happy to get on his hands and knees, with ass in the air for his man to mount him from behind. Colby rams his thick cock deep inside of Mickey making sure he takes every inch of that throbbing meat inside. Mickey moans loader as Colby grinds deep inside and pushes his body against the bed to push his cock all the way in. The manhandling continues as Colby fucks Mickey in multiple positions before milking a huge load out of Mickey’s cock. That huge load gets Colby more excited and he continues to bury his dick deep inside of that tight hole. These two fuck long and hard with Colby growling and shooting a load deep inside of Mickey.


Love it

I swear watching Colby run his hands down Mickey's back is the sexiest thing in the world!!

Let's talk about Mr. Knox's assets...

You should look into getting Mickey an underwear modeling gig or - at the very least - a sponsor to fund his underwear collection. The last time an onion looked that good it was on a plate at The Outback.