Live with Junior Fernandez

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Junior Fernandez quickly became a fan favorite during his last appearance at ColbyKnox. This new gay porn video release features him performing in another candid free-flowing live performance with resident studs Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox. These guys are very familiar with each other and that leads to a quick transition into the steamy, cock sucking fun. Junior is the guest in the house tonight and the guys treat him with warm mouths servicing his hard cock to get the action started. Colby has his face buried on Junior’s cock while Mickey begins to munch on his ass. Colby isn’t ready to offer up his ass to Mickey so he pushes him down on Junior’s cock and begins to push his thick greased cock inside his husband. He takes Colby's rock hard throbbing cock into his ass as he feasts on Junior's fully erect man meat. It doesn't take long before southern hospitality takes over and the boys focus their attention on their guest. Junior finds himself on his hands and knees between the lovers with Colby pushing his thick shaft deep inside his tight hole while Mickey feeds him a throat full of his dick. Colby has a firm grasp on his hips pulling his back on to his throbbing cock making sure he explores balls deep inside his ass. Mickey switches into top mode pretty quickly and greases his cock for a chance to penetrate that tight ass just opened by his husband. Junior Fernandez saddles up, climbs on and rides the hell out of Mickeys cock while they both moan and enjoy each other’s hard sexy bodies. Junior has an insatiable ass that enjoys riding up and down, long stroking Mickey’s cock and ensuring that he swallows every inch deep inside his ass. Gyrating up and down in rhythmic motions, he’s ready for more cock and Colby’s cock is ready to tag back in to dominate that sweet ass. This video is a good reminder of what a gorgeous and talented performer Junior Fernandez is and why he remains a ColbyKnox fan favorite.