Live with Angel Cruz

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Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have been excited about tonight’s show and their special guest for a long time. Angel Cruz joins the studs in the Colby Knox house for a night of hot, ass ravaging sex. In this gay porn video, this sexy Latin stud has Colby and Mickey swooning as he speaks in Spanish with their online fans. The only thing sexier could be the taste of his thick cock in their mouths. The show begins with Angel sitting between Mickey and Colby on the bed. They begin caressing and kissing each other and there is no denying the sexual chemistry between these guys. Angel is first to pull out his fully erect cock and he buries his face on Mickey’s bulge while Colby starts sucking his cock. Angel then puts his ass in the air for Colby to start eating it while sucking on Mickey’s cock. Angel has a rock hard cock and he lies back on the bed. Mickey is first to climb on Angel’s cock and get a rough ride on that big dick. He straddles on top of his cock using his legs to work up and down on that thick shaft. Angel grabs his ass cheeks as Mickey leans over to shove his tongue into his mouth. Angel has Mickey on his hands and knees on the bed as he continues to drill him from behind. Colby is happy to position himself behind Angel and work his thick cock deep in Angel’s ass while he continues to fuck Mickey. Mickey pulls his ass off Angel’s cock allowing Colby to fuck him solo. It’s not long before Colby wants some of Mickey’s ass and is buried balls deep inside of his man hole. Watch as these guys share some deep dicking action exploring their tight holes and mouths before shooting thick loads of warm cum all over each other.



Multi- tasking has a new meaning after this scene... I am watching this again because Angel is coming back this week.. I can see why he has another invite. Hot sexy and a great personality. Full package you both seemed to have a great time with him.. Now that you know each other alittle I think this is going to be a epic scene or scenes together.. can’t wait !!! You two and a hot guy from Spain Holy Shit... ????????????????????????