Keatons Welcome Party

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Keaton Plowman is the newest addition to the ColbyKnox site and we’ve all seen what this boy can do in a scene. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have invited him into their bedroom tonight to take turns using his beautiful ass. Mickey is first to get balls deep in Keaton’s tight ass making him moan as he thrusts deeper and deeper. Colby and Keaton are performing steamy 69 on each other while Mickey continues to pound Keaton’s ass. Colby is ready for his turn and he rams his thick shaft deep into Keaton’s ass while Mickey face fucks him. Keaton is filled in both ends before Colby blasts a load on him and he then swallows Mickey’s cum. It’s clear that these guys play well together and they are all more than satisfied with the results of their efforts.


Keatons Welcome Party

Keaton is that hot 18 year old bottom with a nice round bubble butt that giggles and bounces while he is getting fucked. You can tell from Keatons facial ezpressions that he loves what is happening, I just wish he was more vocal. All and all an amazing hot scene.

Keatons Welcome Party

Keaton is the perfect 18 year old twink bottom. Whenever I see high school jocks with shaved heads like Keaton, I think that they would look even better taking dick up the butt as did Keaton is this scene. I'm guessing that his ass was a bit sore after this scene.

Keaton's Welcome Party

If a born bottom exists, Keaton Plowman is its definition. His introduction to porn is a primer for others to follow. The guys take every opportunity to utilize his talents to maximum effect, and double cum their approval in spectacular fashion. Excellent photography and sound round this scene out to near perfection. Watch with a friend.