Keaton's Got Cake

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Keaton Plowman joins Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox in the bedroom of the Colby Knox house tonight for this new gay porn video. With a mouth full of cock and ass up in the air, this boy knows exactly what the men want. This live webcam show starts off with Colby balls deep in Keaton’s mouth while Mickey is exploring that tight ass with his tongue. Keaton has a beautiful body that’s eager to please the resident lovers. It’s easy to see that Keaton has an amazing ass that has the two resident studs, Colby and Mickey, jockeying over who gets to fuck his ass first. Colby wins out but only after agreeing to let Colby fuck him while he is balls deep in Keaton’s ass. Colby has their sexy visitor lying on his stomach while he works his way behind him inserting his thick shaft deep inside his ass. Keaton presses his face down into the sheets moaning as each inch of that hard cock is pressed inside his tight hole. Colby is pushing balls deep when Mickey greases up his bareback cock and begins to push inside of his ass. Pinned between Keaton’s ass and Mickey’s cock, Colby begins thrusting himself deeper inside that man hole while taking seven inches from behind. He is giving just as much as he’s taking and that just provides that much more pleasure to the other two studs. Mickey pulls his hard shaft out of Colby allowing him to go solo on Keaton’s luscious ass. He goes in for that hard, aggressive ass plowing before pulling out and coating his ass with a load of cum. Keaton doesn’t get much of a break before Colby is straps on a condom and pushes back inside of that freshly opened hole. These guys make good use of that tight ass and their big dicks leave Keaton sweaty and saturated with two huge loads of cum.


Beautiful ass amazing fuck

Keaton has a beautiful ass and it is clear tha Colby and Mickey love to fuck him. Bring him back for some bareback action!

Bring Keaton back

Would love to see u guys fuck keaton again especially since he got a nice bubble ass

Keatons Got Cake

Keaton did another hot scene, with both Colby and Mickey commenting on his hot bubble butt. Can't wait for when you guys have Keaton back.

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