Kane Fox Dominates Calvin Banks -BAREBACK-



One of the most alluring sights in the world is when a dude, with a big ol’ dick, is on his stomach. Sure, we can see part of his monster, but the melt-in-your-mouth buns are there for inspection. Today’s ColbyKnox update starts with hunk Calvin Banks. On the studio’s sofa, sleeping on his tummy. He has a reputation for making bottoms see stars. However, he also has a sweet ass he loves to share with top-notch tops. As Calvin relaxes, Kane Fox, a stud in his own right, joins him. He places gentle kisses on Calvin’s cake. “Good morning,” Kane says. He licks the length of Calvin’s cock. “Do it again,” Calvin whispers. “Such a pretty hole,” Kane observes, licking between Calvin’s cheeks. “Such a nice wake-up,” Calvin replies. Kane gives equal attention to Calvin’s hog and hole, leaving a sliver of silver spit on both. “You taste so good,” Kane observes. “Oh, my God,” Calvin exclaims. “I could lay like this all day.” Kane gives Calvin’s hefty nuts attention. This causes Calvin to smile a sexy grin. After Kane drops a wad of slobber in his hole, Calvin has a question. “Are you going to fuck me, baby?” Kane strokes his bare tool and enters. There’s a sharp intake of breath, but Calvin takes the intrusion. He grabs Kane’s wrist as his insides are pushed aside. Kane takes his time. “Fuck, baby,” Calvin moans. “You like that dick,” Kane wonders. Calvin’s eyes offer the answer. Kane’s strokes hit all the right spots. “Oh, my God,” Calvin whimpers. “You’re so fucking sexy.” He turns to his side and Kane adds more spit to his johnson. Kane doesn’t want to have all the fun; he gives Calvin a chance to grind his ass on the hard meat. “Earn that fucking dick,” Kane encourages. What do you think? Does he? :-) The studs take a break to kiss. “What a wake-up,” Calvin exclaims. As they sit across from each other, their hands stroke their engorged cocks. Eventually, Calvin gets on his knees to suck Kane’s dick. He swallows all of it. Right to the bush. “Use that throat,” Kane says, placing his hand on the back of Calvin’s head. When Calvin comes up for air, drool drips from his mouth. “Get it nice and wet,” Kane orders as Calvin resumes sucking. Kane wants his tool to go back inside the tighter spot so Calvin takes a seat. As he sits down, facing Kane, Calvin’s hefty dick smacks on Kane’s stomach. Initially, Calvin goes up and down. Then Kane reaches around, grabbing his scene partner’s bountiful buns. He then thrusts up. “Oh, my God,” Calvin whispers. “It’s yours.” The lads change positions. This time Calvin on his hands and knees. When Kane re-enters, Calvin moans into the sofa’s cushion. When the pounding picks up speed, Calvin’s groans get louder. “Oh, fuck me,” he begs. Kane obliges, grabbing Calvin’s hips and making those cheeks sing. “It’s so deep,” Calvin says. “But you’re such a good boy, though,” Kane replies. He wants to see his bottom boy play with himself as he fucks, so Calvin gets on his back. Kane reinserts his tool. He pins down Calvin’s arms and hammers home. He pauses to lick Calvin’s dick, but that man hole keeps Kane’s attention. “Just fuck me, baby” Calvin pleads. “Just fuck me.” Who can resist that request? Kane folds Calvin in half, making sure he feels every stroke. Calvin’s load explodes; the first stream shooting up, in a graceful arc, and striking his chest. Kane keeps fucking until he pulls out, splattering his man milk on Calvin’s stomach. “Good morning,” Calvin says after he and Kane tenderly kiss.


I have been a Calvin Banks fan since his gay porn debut as a 19 year old nursing home health aide from Massachusetts with a big cock and hot ass! This hot scene with Kane was a hot fuck scene in which Kane topped and Calvin bottomed, although in many other of his scenes, Calvin has demonstrated with a great top he is as well!

Amazing! Chemistry over the top! Calvin is a fierce and tender top and now shines as a bottom. Kane is best on top. Great hip action! Both eat ass like it's their last meal. 6 stars if possible...

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Incredible scene! Calvin Banks has always been a favorite, and this shows why. Top or bottom, he is always so into the action. Kane's attention to ass eating is awesome - you can almost feel what it is making Calvin's eyes roll back. (Filming note: it would be nice to see the tongue/hole action in more detail.) These two are obviously very into each other and the fucking is deep and fun to watch. Nice loads from both big cocks at the end make a good finale to a great scene. Maybe pair these two together again with a nice flip? This is the quality we have come to expect and appreciate from ColbyKnox - great job guys!

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One can expect nothing but a Stellar scene when two well-known Iconic Super Studs meet and fulfill each other's desires, especially when filmed by the expert crew of Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox! "No matter the size of the boys, they always love playing with each other's toys!" An amazing duo! Would love to see a second one with a role reversal if they are up for it!!!! 10 Stars all the way,.


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