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It's Colby's Birthday and Mickey wants to do something very special this year. He knows what Colby really enjoys is a tight piece of ass to shove his cock in. Mickey gets on grindr and finds the perfect boy, Grayson Lange. Mickey knows that Colby is horny and wants to surprise him with a quick hot fuck by a complete stranger. Colby has no idea that Grayson is coming over and Mickey can't wait to see what happens. Mickey instructs Grayson to knock on the door and ask Colby to give him his load. Grayson agrees and the plan is on.


Nice scene

Liked seeing Grayson without the extreme shaving. He & MIckey seemed into each other. Finish might have been better with cum eating--Grayson seems to do this well.

Nice gift!!!

It's unfortunate that I can only give this a 5 - because it's a 10 out of 5! Great camera work - Colby & Grayson connected in an amazing scene - great cum shots and such hard fucking cocks - omg these two were fucking adorable. Loved the setup with Mickey on his phone Awesome scene - don't miss it!!!! Love you Mickey - Colby & Grayson xoxoxoxo