Jae Wilde's First Scene -BAREBACK-

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In this week's new Gay Porn video release from the boys at ColbyKnox, we welcome newcomer Jae Wilde in his first scene with Mickey Knox. Other than his photoshoot with Colby the day before, this is his first on camera experience. We join Jae waking up in the morning and going through the basics before heading downstairs to find a full set and a smiling Mickey sitting there waiting for him. Mickey starts him out nice and slow with that sweet and playful gentle touch that he is most known for. Jae is a little nervous in the beginning but as the video goes on he clearly relaxes and has some fun. Mickey Knox gets a big mouthful of that tasty cock before moving his eyes toward the sexy newcomers plump bubble butt. Jae Wilde bites his lip as Mickey slowly and expertly lets his big cock slip inside of his ass. Mickey Knox takes care to let the newcomers tight ass adjust before really getting in there and going to town, which he does shortly after!! Enjoy!!



Super Start and then flows through the tiring side shots - sometimes right and left side - into boredom - pity about the two great performers.

Jae = Hot

Great performance by Jae and Mickey knows how to work it. Sexy.

Perfect Ass for Fucking

AT 5'11", 130 lbs., 22 year old student Jae has the perfect little ass for fucking. Mickey said exactly that a few times in this really hot scene. For a college boy who prefers to bottom, Jae had his wishes come true in this his very first porn scene. Bring him back for more as that hot little ass needs more dick.

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