I Want Mow Mickey

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In this Bonus release from ColbyKnox, Mickey Knox has just finished working outdoors for the day. As he's taking a moment to catch his breath on the mower, he starts to feel the need to reward himself for a good days work. Mickey Knox lets the sun wash over his half naked body as he touches and plays with his thick healthy cock. Mickey isn't wasting anytime as good as that sun feels, he needs to blow that hot sticky load of cum all over himself and NOW!!! We can only imagine what the young stud has running through his head as he finally hits those last couple of strokes. Watching Mickeys trade mark face expressions as he peaks in a climax of sun drenched pleasure is a great way to wrap up this sexy bonus video from ColbyKnox.


Yankin' and Crankin'

Nothing like a quick jerkoff vid with hot Mickey, working up his big dick, in a beautiful setting. Only wish I could have cleaned him up before he drove away!

Always want “mow” Mickey :)

Who doesn’t get worked up while doing chores outside? That cum spray though! I am just mentally picturing Mickey mowing the rest of the grass with cum and oil dripping down his chest. *faints*


Checking my favorite site out! To see a bonus scene out. Good surprise for me... Well, I would love to be a neighbor if you are able to cut grass naked.. that’s wonderful- all that scene say to me with one word at the end “Fuck.” Beautiful ! Love everything about you guys I know Colby was behind the camera ! ??????