Happy Holidays



Its a Colby and Mickey Christmas scene in front of the fire, and guess who bottoms...


To see Colby bottom is a christmas gift

This is my new favorite video of all time. So much love and passion expressed in so many ways. If I hadn't seen it myself, it might be hard to convince me that such a real love exists. Not to mention Colby's moans and cries of ecstasy displayed while Mickey fucks the cum out of him. The perfect combination of sweet and sexy.

Hot when you talk dirty, hotter when you talk with your eyes! Nevermind holiday magic, you two are magic.

Two hot fucking guys in front of a fire during the holidays ! Beautiful .... thanks guys making may way through your old scene. Enjoying every minute...??

"All we need is love, love...love is all we need..."

The love which these guys express to each other on every level is something to aspire to. Because damn I wish someone would look at me with that much love sweetened with a little lust.

That's is a sweet seen, two guys in love making sweet love together

The best thing about this hot video is the chemistry between you guys. This is the best and most accurate depiction of real gay sex on any porn site...and it doesn't need any fancy editing to make it hot.

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This video is great not only because it's the holidays but also because we get to see Colby bottom! Great work!


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