Happy Birthday Colby Chambers

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Colby Chambers is about to have a Birthday in less than one hour. He wants nothing more than to spend it hanging out online with all his friends. Mickey is excited because Colby's birthday means even more ass pounding than what normally goes on between the two of them. This is just one of many sessions they plan to have this week and Mickey can't wait to see what's in store for them. Tonight Colby starts out taking Mickey's rock hard dick up his ass. Colby loves the way it feels when it's this hard. He can actually feel Mickey throbbing inside him as his heart races. After He's had his fill of Mickey's cock it's time to turn the tables and slam his deep inside Mickey's tight hole. He slides in and out for what seems like hours then fills his man with days worth of warm sticky cum. Tonight was a great way to celebrate Colby's birthday for sure.



Happy belated Birthday !!! You brought another year around with a great start.. you two are hot as fuck !!! Thanks ??

Happy day indeed!

It may have been Colby's birthday, but we seem to have received the gift. Husband scenes are always the best, and this one does not disappoint. A flip. A flop. A top bottoms. A bottom tops. Plus lots of heavenly husband kisses.