Happy 2 Years Colby and Mickey -BAREBACK-

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In this new Gay Porn video release from ColbyKnox, the boys want to take you on an adventure with them. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have recently returned from celebrating their two year wedding anniversary in Mexico!! This video is a start to finish ride along on their trip, allowing us the viewers to share in the laughs, the beauty, and of course the sex. We start as the boys are boarding their plane stateside and the excitement is just dripping off of them both. Colby and Mickey start the sexcapades shortly after being shown to their room and settling in, in a big beautiful tub!!! Colby Chamber's favorite!!! Its both sexy and funny as hell watching the two boys trying to take out some travel stress on each other, while being constantly disturbed by hotel staff trying to welcome the newly weds with some desserts. Next day it's right off to the all natural waterpark, where Colby and Mickey sneak off to a secluded part of the park for a little more fun. Surprisingly they weren't disturbed once, unlike the previous night in the hotel tub. The final sex scene of this video is the boys in their room, clearly feeling much more relaxed from a few days into the vacation. No bells and whistles, just that same passionate love making they both got hooked on almost a decade ago. The fire of Colby and Mickeys relationship seems to defy logic in the way that the passion only seems to have grown over the years. We hope you enjoy being a part of the journey!!!


Great lovemaking

Enjoyed seeing you make love 3 times. However, since it was your anniversary a little cum kissing when Colby took a facial would have been nice.

Glorious Honeymoon

This is an incredible look into Mickey and Colby's honeymoon in Cancun, MX. I enjoyed this immensely and felt honored to witness this beautiful and momentous trip. Congratulations on 2 years my loves. Love you both to the moon and back.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for sharing with your friends/ fans.. I was smiling the whole time.. Even after waiting two years for your honeymoon you guys thought of us. That shows the love and how much you appreciate us !! We sure appreciate you two !!! It was a time in your life your memories will last forever.. Thank you again. Xoxoxo Love ??-Sherry

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