Fun in the Sun

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College friends Zach Taylor and Mickey Knox are taking a break from their studies to do some tanning together. They have had a long semester and tough classes so this is a much needed break for the classmates. The friends don’t want tan lines so they strip down and help each other get oiled up. Rubbing the lotion on Mickey has Zach feeling extra horny and he can only watch his bubble ass tanning in front of him for so long before he is face first tasting that hole. That luscious ass has Zach wanting more and after tongue fucking that hole, he buries his thick meat deep inside. Mickey is enjoys taking every inch of that man meat as he moans with each thrust into his ass. This hot tanning session ends with Mickey tasting Zach’s cum as he shoots his load in his mouth.


hairy legs

Feeling and seeing hairy legs is one of the greatest blessings of being a homosexual man. This is one of the hottest videos I've ever seen just for that fact.

Sun Buddies

Outdoor sex in the sun is always hot and these two prove it. Zach makes a great top and Mickey is a very willing bottom. Zach's hairy legs only add to this fucking treat!

Fun n The Sun

This is at least a five-tissue scene. The bodies are hot, the dicks amazingly hard and the action continuous. This may have been Zack's first "topping" scene, but you'd never know it. Mickey takes the hard pounding and begs for more. If it's possible for two performers to love their work, these two are like kids in a candy store all the way to the cum shots. Watch this one naked. You'll be glad you did!