Fun in the Field

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Robin Moore, Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are all about having fun when they get together and this adult gay porn scene captures that excitement together. Today they have planned out a great afternoon of fucking in the middle of a field. Colby and Mickey live in the country and have a field in their backyard, making this outdoor fantasy a long overdue addition to the site. Mickey has long had a fantasy that involves sitting back and smoking a cigar while he watches his husband make love to another man. Colby is more than happy to fuck hot studs if that's what it takes to make his man happy and let me tell you, Mickey is one happy camper. Robin is thrilled to be the center of attention and soaks up the sun while taking both cocks at the same time. The guys are immersed in hot oral cock sucking action as they take turns sucking each other’s cock. Colby is first to lube his hard cock and have Robin sit on it, taking all seven inches deep inside his ass. Mickey is next to lube up and have Robin squat down on his throbbing cock. Robin bounces up and down on his thick shaft as Colby feeds his thick cock down his throat. One hard cock in his mouth and another in his ass is just the way Robin wanted to spend the day. Robin then takes a turn swallowing Mickey’s cock while presenting his smooth ass in the air for Colby to take another turn pounding. Colby slides his thick meat back inside his tight ass and gives his hole another good round of stretching as he pushes in balls deep. Mickey continues to pull his head down on his cock before he shoots a huge load of cum all over his chest. Colby pounds Robin’s ass harder and harder until he fucks a load out that he shoots all over Mickey. Colby is aggressively fucking that tight hole when he finally explodes with his signature growls and a load of cum all over Robin’s ass. Of course, Mickey is right there to catch every drop while he watches his husband Colby pounds the cum out of Robin with each stroke. This outdoor fantasy produced another hot gay porn video from ColbyKnox.


Breaking In Hot Blond Twink Robin

19 year old hot blond twink pretty boy Robin gets all of his holes filled by both Colby and Mickey in this smoking hot twink break in scene. Well done and 5 stars to all!


How hot Is Robin!!!! And his ass is so yum ?? need to see a lot more of him on here. Imagine a scene with him and Christian - Ultimate ass off ??