Flip Fuck with Grayson Lange and Mickey Knox

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Grayson Lange and Mickey Knox have been waiting patiently for their turn to work together on a ColbyKnox scene all week. Mickey has had the pleasure of filming a few of Grayson's scenes but this is their first time in bed together. Mickey is excited to finally get his chance to pound Grayson's tight ass and he doesn't waste any time at all in this new gay porn scene. These two studs start off by intimately sucking each other and worshipping their hot bodies. Mickey is first to give Grayson some deep throat action, taking his entire cock down his throat. Grayson soon returns the favor by moving between Mickey’s legs and servicing his thick shaft. The feel of that warm mouth on his cock and balls has Mickey hard and ready to penetrate deep inside of his ass. Like a jackhammer Mickey thrusts his cock inside Grayson over and over, pushing deep inside in quick pounding thrusts. That fast pounding action even picks Grayson up off the bed at one point and bounces his entire body up and down on his hard cock. Mickey continues to dominate that tight boy ass and mercilessly pounds his ass and has the headboard banging against the wall. Grayson loves every second of being fucked silly and is impressed when Mickey shoots his warm load all over him. Grayson's ass is satisfied from the intense pounding but his dick is still rock hard, so he flips Mickey over and shoves it in his ass. With all his body weight on Mickey, Grayson pins him to the bed. His balls slap rhythmically against Mickey's ass with every pump deep inside his man hole. Grayson knows at this pace he won't be able to last much longer and then at the last second he pulls his cock out and sprays cum all over Mickey's face. Mickey is happy to take that warm load of cum on his face and licks up the remaining sperm tasting Grayson’s load. It's the perfect ending to a long awaited scene and these two hot studs made good use of each other’s ass.


Loved it!

Hot flip fuck scene and even better was seeing Mickey eat his own load plus Grayson's!


I think I watched this already but, just watched your threesome with Grayson so I went searching for more. Two more scenes to favorites ( by the way.) First Mickey- THE BED SHAKER !!! It was alittle desecrating BUT, Hot & Sexy as fuck!! Guys do a better job at blocking that shit out. Mickey you were so into Grayson I enjoyed the natural chemistry. He was really having a great time... and Well, Mickey I haven’t ever seen you having a bad time. The sex was hot! The guys were sexier !!! Please have him back.. ?? There is something about him.. I also saw Mickey looking at Colby which had to be filming this scene... The look- the connection between you two is powerful that makes it so sexy for me !!! “The power of love & expectence.” A movement that needs to happen more in life these days...... GREAT JOB GUYS.. Love you??


this scene is so amazing well done and so epic on both Mickey's and Grayson's flipping and priceless faces being made. the job well done :-) ;-P <3