Every Room In The House -The Gym-

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In this new gay porn video release from the boys at ColbyKnox, we have the next installment of the sex filled tour of the house in which the boys live. This week, they are letting us explore the gym while they simultaneously give us a like tour of each others beautiful rock hard dicks and tight gym toned asses. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox work through their routine adding a little something extra to each one. Ab crunch dick sucking, medicine ball ass eating and wait til you see what they do with the treadmill. Who doesn't love watching a sexy jock work out his muscles? Only gets better when there aren't any cloths and the men wind up fucking each other. Mickey certainly gets his fill of Colby Chambers hard pulsing cock for your viewing pleasure. And if Colby's moans are anything to go on, he likewise enjoyed plowing Mickey Knox's sweaty freshly worked out ass. Enjoy!!!



Fucking on the treadmill. Likely the absolute hottest fucking video I've ever seen! I'm hard as fuck right now and looking for a running partner!

My Kind Of Porn

Creative, uninhibited, and raw. The treadmill scene will become legend. Also Colby jerking off while sniffing Mikey's pits was AWESOME!


damn....I will never look at a treadmill the same way again....what a hot scene!

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