Enter The Daredevil

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In this ColbyKnox update you get a sneak peek inside of the everyday life of a superhero. They may have mythical powers and spend most of their time saving the world but what does a sexy hero do in his free time? Today, we find this sexy super stud at home when he catches a burglar in his house. This super powered stud decides to punish him by forcing him to shove his thieving cock deep into his ass of steel. This common thief had no idea that he would end up balls deep in the ass of a superhero today. Good thing our resident superhero is wearing his mask, it comes in handy today catching a giant load of cum in a massive facial.


Enter the Daredevil

This scene is spectacular...the humor is appropriate and well-played. The sex is awesome - loved seeing Daredevil's beautiful ass bounce on that magnificent cock...I'm sure hoping that robber comes back so we can see Daredevil fuck him!

Damn boys!!

That was so fucking HOT!!!!! ???????? You two are phenomenal together. I need to find me a boy that wants to do that shit. Insane! ??


omg this scene is amazing - LOVE the paint - the red cock and balls Cum galore - two epic explosions colby & mickey - youse gurls get a 12 out of 10 for this scene - you two are just so fucking amazing and adorable!!! love you two xoxoxo

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