Drake Von Buttfucks Mickey Knox -BAREBACK-



Want a definition of bliss? Mickey Knox's face when his hand is on a big ol' dick. :-) In today's ColbyKnox update, Mickey's first words say all we need to know. "Oh, fuck. You have such a nice cock." The meat mesmerizing Mickey belongs to Drake Von. "It's so fat," Mickey says as he plays with it. Mickey opens wide, attempting to reach the base. "Oh, my God," Drake exclaims. "Yes. Just like that." Mickey's mouth is stretched but he's in heaven, gurgling as he gets face fucked. "Oh, fuck," Mickey whispers when he comes up for air. "You taste so good." "Want to sit on this fat cock," Drake wonders. "Got to get me ready first," Mickey replies. With that he gets rid of his shorts and jumps on the studio's sofa. Drake puts his head between Mickey's butt cheeks, slurping the hole. "Get that hole nice and ready for your fat dick," Mickey says. Drake munches away, adding a few slaps to the sweet buns. Soon it's time for Mickey to ride. He and Drake kiss; Mickey straddles him. "God. That's so fucking thick," Mickey moans as he goes up and down on Drake's bare tool. "I love stretching you out," Drake notes. He grabs Mickey's ass and drills up. "Fuck my hole," Mickey begs. The studs switch positions. Mickey gets on his back, spreading his legs as wide as possible. Drake reenters in one slow stroke, making sure Mickey feels every hefty inch. Drake pounds to the balls, pulverizing Mickey's "special spot." "Fuck my tight ass," Mickey moans. "It's fucking tight," Drake answers. “I’ll pound you so rough." Just what Mickey needs and wants. Drake wants Mickey to get on his side. After the position change, Drake resumes the hard pounding. Balls deep. Mickey jerks his johnson, groaning each time Drake opens him up. "I like when you moan like that," Drake observes. "You want to hit it from behind," Mickey asks. Drake likes that idea so Mickey gets on his hands and knees (again). "Show me that arch," Drake orders. He puts his bloated head in and resumes fucking. "I love destroying your tight, little, fucking boy hole," Drake says. "Fuck me," Mickey groans in the sofa's pillow. "You fucking take that dick," Drake replies. Mickey does, holding on to the couch. Letting Drake fill him up as hard as he wants to. "You like fucking my ass," Mickey wonders. Drake replies with a deep down stroke. "You're going to let me taste that cum," Mickey asks. "Right in your fucking face," Drake replies. "Yes. Please," Mickey says. Before nutting Drake gives Mickey's backside some hard thrusts to remember. He pulls out, jerking his tool over Mickey's face. He spills a juicy load on Mickey's nose, tongue, and cheeks. Mickey slurps what’s left on Drake's tool. "Eat that load," Drake murmurs. Mickey beats his own meat. His cum explosion shoots out, landing right between his nipples. He licks the remaining milk off of Drake’s tool. A great way to end a great scene!


Mickey was in awe of the length and girth of young newbie Drake's long fat girth, sucked it and then asked to be prepped and fucked by the young twink total top! Ask and you shall receive as our Mickey literally found out in this hot scene!


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