Come Home With Me

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Luke Roman is a sexy stud that Colby met while having drinks at the bar. Luke was serving shots in these tiny white briefs that hugged his ass and Colby could not help but grab it. After a few drinks Colby worked up his courage to ask if Luke would be interested in coming home and making a video for the site. Luke figured he was going to fuck Colby tonight anyways so might as well make some money doing it. Colby was thrilled to hear that Luke was down and told him they could do it the following morning but for now they plan to party all night. The following morning was a little rough at first but after some juice and toast the boys were ready to fuck. Luke's buff body felt amazing pinned under Colby's weight as he rubbed his hands up and down his body. Colby used his position to drive his hard dick deep inside Luke and watched his face to see if he liked it. Getting fucked in his ass is something that has not happen to Luke for quite a while based on his reaction. A mixture of please and pain races across Luke's face. He can't help but giggle when he wants to scream. Something that turns Colby on even more. Soon Colby has made Luke's ass the perfect fit as he slides his hard dick in and out of him until his shaft is throbbing with excitement. After several positions Colby can't contain his load any longer. He pulls his cock out and shoots a thick load across Luke's asshole.


Sweet & Strong

Great scene to see Colby enjoying Luke's ass so much right up to the point Colby covers Luke's ass with his cum load! Enjoyed the scene and the chat on the loungers afterward.

Two hunky guys

Wow Luke has a beautiful body and it was great to see the reactions of Colby to him and Luke to Colby as they had sex. It was a great balance between sweet and forceful/passionate