Colby Kai -BAREBACK-

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Last time we saw Kai Taylor at ColbyKnox he was diving deep into Mickey Knox. This week Kai is in the hot tub with Mickey’s husband, Colby Chambers. The sun shines as the studs make out. “Are you horny,” Kai wonders as he nibbles Colby’s neck. “I’m so fucking horny,” Colby replies. Kai slides deeper into the water. Colby pulls down his trunks. His tool shakes in Kai’s face and he gobbles it up. “Let me feel those throat muscles,” Colby says, holding Kai’s head in place. Colby leans back as Kai continues to service him. His tongue swirls the shaft and balls. “Feel good,” Kai asks, offering a sexy smile. “It tastes so good.” Drool flies from his mouth as he strokes Colby’s thick cock. He reaches for Kai’s backside, fingering the hole. “Want my cock in that hole,” Colby wonders. Kai bends over. His swimming shorts are at midthigh. Colby gets behind the cute house guest. First he looks at the curvy booty. Then he gently licks the butthole. “Use that tongue,” Kai begs. “Tongue fuck that hole.” Colby’s tongue makes Kai cry out to all the gods. His rod gets a few laps, which makes him happier. And hornier. When Colby stands up, his tool is stiff as a board. “I want it so bad,” he says as the bloated head plays with Kai’s saturated opening. But he isn’t ready to be filled yet; so Colby resumes munching. “You want it,” Colby wonders as he stands up again, placing his meat at Kai’s back door. “I want it so bad,” Kai moans. “All of it.” Colby gives Kai “all of it.” Slowly pounding to the balls. When Colby increases the speed, the hot tub water splashes. Kai gets out of the water, staying on his stomach. “Oh, my God,” he moans. “That’s deep.” “My little slip and slide,” Colby teases. They take a kissing break so Kai can flip over. He gets on his back, spreading his limber legs. Colby re-enters. “Use that fucking hole,” Kai pleads. Colby isn’t offering mercy, but let’s be honest: Kai isn’t asking for any. :-) The guys switch things up. Colby gets on his back and Kai straddles him. “Put those big, phat cheeks right on my cock,” Colby commands. The camera focuses on Kai’s backside as it’s split like a peach. For a few minutes, Kai controls the motion. However, that changes when Colby wraps his arms around him and fucks toward the sky. Kai’s cock flops around as he is spread open. “Ride me,” Colby suggests. “Use my cock to get yourself off.” Kai beats his meat and shoots cum that lands on Colby’s chest and stomach. It’s Colby’s turn to nut so Kai returns to his stomach. With his ass up. His eyes are closed tight when Colby refills. “Oh, my God, Kai moans. “You feel so good in my hole. You’re so deep.” He reaches back, spreading his buns. “Drop that dick into your ass,” Colby exclaims. “Clap those fucking cheeks.” Colby is ready to blow. “I’m going to fucking fill you up,” he says. “Give me that fucking nut,” Kai replies. Technically Kai receives multiple nuts because when Colby pulls out, cum cascades out of his booty. It’s a man milk waterfall! :-) Colby leans down and the tired boys kiss. “Summer hasn’t even started yet,” Colby says as the scene closes.



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