Colby Fucks Steve Rickz BAREBACK

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This amazing new gay porn scene features Colby Chambers and the newest model to join the team, Steve Rickz. This is Colby and Steve's first time working together and the chemistry between them is off the charts. Steve Fucks Colby's face with fury as Colby jerks his cock and slaps Steve's ass. The massage to begin the scene was just a way to get Steve ass up upfront of Colby. They both knew where this was going to end up. After a good face fucking Colby comes up for air eager to shove his bare cock inside Steve's plump ass. Colby get the head of his cock inside and starts fucking Steve as if they had done it a thousand times before. From one position to the next these boys have the best time imaginable. Steve shows off his twerking skills while riding Colby then lets him fuck his massive cumload deep inside his tight ass. Colby shoots his load all over and inside Steve's ass then continues to pound his tight hole even more. Steve loves every second of this heart pounding scene and delivers a beautiful cumshot at the end. You will definitely see more of Steve Rickz in the future here at ColbyKnox. I imagine Colby would like another scene with him after seeing how much fun they had the first time...


ColbyKnox Rocks

When I discovered this site, I was blown away: playful, raw sex between hot guys with pubes and pits, (Colby has the best bush ever!) who don't pull out for porn. Then I saw the threeway between Colby, Mikey, and Steve and was disappointed that they used condoms. So I was really pleased to see them raw doggin' with Steve. Keep it REAL guys! Thx :)

Colby Fucks Steve Rickz Raw

In scene one Steve topped Mickey bareback, while in scene two both Colby and MIckey fucked Steve but with a condom (mild disappointment). In this scene Colby fucks Steve raw. after showing how massage can be foreplay for male on male sex. With his big cock and hot ass, bi Steve has a big dating pool - both male and female as he offers something for everyone. Colby chose to fuck and breed Steve in this hot scene.

Love it but...

I thought Colby and Mickey only bareback each other. I have seen a couple video with it happening with others. I like it but it was something special just for them and it is sad it is no longer.

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