Colby Fucks Eli Lincoln

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From the moment Colby Chambers first reviewed his model application, he had been looking forward to working with Eli Lincoln. Eli submitted a strong application, highlighting his many assets including his perfectly proportioned bubble butt. This ColbyKnox gay porn video release begins with an eager Eli lying on top of Colby. With both hands reaching inside his shorts grabbing that luscious bubble ass, Colby is probing his tongue inside of Eli’s mouth. Eli grinds on top of Colby before sliding down between his legs where he pulls down his shorts and unveils his massive hard cock. He gets right to work like a performance pro and wraps his mouth around his throbbing cock. He grabs the thick shaft with his hand stroking up and down while he continues to push his cock deeper down his throat. Colby is more excited than ever to play with that ass and move Eli into position lying across his lap. He begins to spank that amazing bubble ass becoming more excited with each slap. He then licks his fingers and begins pushing them into that tight boy ass. Pushing his cherry red cheeks apart, he begins with one finger then begins fingering him with two. That leads to Colby pushing Eli against the bed where he feasts on that luscious ass getting it ready to take his hard cock. It doesn’t take long though before Colby starts to focus on what he really wants and Eli climbs on to his cock to begin taking him deep inside his ass. He rides that cock up and down making sure he gets every inch of Colby’s cock deep inside. Colby then pushes Eli on his back where he continues to fuck that tight ass, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper with each stroke. He sticks his tongue inside of Eli’s mouth ensuring that both holes are being used. Eli is enjoying all of this attention and strokes out his huge load of warm cum all over his chest while still getting fucked. Colby continues hammering away and slides in behind a moaning Eli grinding deeper with each stroke. He pulls out just in time to shoot his load of cum all over that beautiful bubble ass.


So much fun

Wowee!! These two really enjoyed themselves. The enthusiasm and sexual passion with a little bit of cute banter and fun mase this a great way to wrap up 2017. Thank you once again Mickey and Colby for finding and showcasing such sexy and nice young guys like Eli.


Hottest ass ever! If Eli was my boyfriend he'd never get dressed. I want that ass on display 24/7/365. Maybe I'd let him wear a jock or tight running shorts once in awhile-maybe. And he seems like a real honey. Someone to cuddle & snuggle and play with. Not sure I buy the bi thing. great scene!

Colby - Flushed & Butt-Dazed; Eli - Butt Miraculous

With the music of Eli’s delicious moans, the seductive expressiveness of his face, the supple porcelain of his skin, the scientific marvel that is his ass, Colby finds the perfect body on which to exhaust the ferocity & ruthlessness of his insatiable libido. This scene admirably epitomizes Colby’s range as a top: from the dominant master-fucker (who controls even the bottom’s moans) to the playful, blushing, smiling, kissing lover. Eli, however, demonstrates that an amiable, boy-next-door cutie could also have a lust just as implacable, making the whole room shake as his delicious derriere rode Colby's meaty inches. During the subsequent interview, Eli lulls Colby into a flushed-face butt-daze in which Colby once more unloaded his manhood with singular savagery. When he achieves time traveling abilities, Eli will make of the Founding Fathers the Pounding Fathers, as they make in Eli's miraculous ass the creamy completion of the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.