Colby Chambers Fucks Luca Ambrose -BAREBACK-



Luca Ambrose is back with ColbyKnox! When we first saw the twinky cutie, he had a grand time with Mickey Knox. In this update, Luca and Colby Chambers (Mickey’s man) have a session on the studio’s sofa. It starts with intense tongue swapping. Colby sucks on a nipple as Luca reaches inside Colby’s shorts. He sits on the couch, pulling off his underwear; Luca kneels in front of him. Colby’s tool stands at attention and Luca gladly licks it. “You’re so fucking hot,” Colby whispers. Luca swallows the shaft, making it shine with spit. He deep throats. A rather impressive trick considering Colby’s girth. “All the way down your throat,” Colby encourages. Luca comes back for air, offering a satisfied smile. “Feel your throat muscles open up for me,” Colby says. When Luca pulls away from Colby’s cock, a clear line of spit and precum is attached to Luca’s lips. Colby reaches down, fingering Luca’s clenched hole. “Can I taste that ass,” Colby wonders. “Do you want me to taste it?” Luca likes this idea. He gets on his knees, facing the window. Colby rubs the butt cheeks. Then his tongue laps at Luca’s opening. “Oh, fuck,” he murmurs. Colby maneuvers Luca’s tool out of his jockstrap so he can play with it as he eats Luca out. “Oh, fuck,” Luca whispers. “That feels good.” “It tastes good,” Colby replies. He doesn’t forget’s Luca’s dick, licking it from tip to balls. “Precum for me too,” Colby observes. As he saturates Luca’s hole, Colby gives the pert butt a few slaps. Nothing too brutal. Just enough to make the cheeks a slight red. It’s time for Luca to be fucked. Colby sits so Luca can ride. He slowly squats as Colby’s raw rod fills him up. “Ride that dick, Luca,” Colby orders. “Ride the shit out of that cock.” Luca picks up the pace. “Give me that tiny, little hole,” Colby declares. “Slam those cheeks down on it.” Luca responds with moans and more bouncing up and down. His own tool slaps against Colby’s stomach, leaving precum on Colby’s abs. “Use my hole,” Luca moans. “It’s my fucking hole,” Colby counters. Colby takes control, getting behind Luca. He reinserts his meat. “Oh yeah, Luca,” Colby says. “Take my dick.” “Use that hole,” Luca whispers. Colby grabs Luca’s jock, hammering to the balls. Luca groans approval. “Do you like getting pounded by my cock,” Colby wonders. Luca sobs in response. Colby slows down so he and Luca can lock lips. He puts a few fingers in Luca’s warm mouth and the pounding speed picks up. Luca is a trooper, taking every inch. Just holds the couch, begging Colby to hammer his ass. “Could fuck you for days,” Colby whispers. That sweet hole pushes Colby over the edge. He shoots a juicy load inside Luca. Then he pulls out, leaving man milk on Luca’s booty, He reinserts his tool to coat the insides with more cum. “Going to fuck a load out of you,” Colby explains. Luca gets on his back; his tool is close to bursting. They remove Luca’s black jock. Colby re-enters and Luca’s mouth opens wide from the shock of pleasure. “Use that hole,” he groans. “Work that load deep in your ass,” Colby explains. He grabs Luca’s nuts, massaging them as he fucks. Colby leans down, pounding with more force. “Fuck. You’re so deep,” Luca moans. They kiss. The deep dicking continues. Luca is going to feel this session for a few days. He furiously strokes his tool. His messy load hits his hand and the lower part of his stomach. Colby keeps his rigid dick inside, kissing Luca as he remodels his hole. Colby pumps out another load, dumping it all over Luca’s hand and tool. Before the scene ends, the camera lingers on the luscious cum covering Luca. Wonder how that juice was cleaned up? :-)


What a hot scene with Colby fucking the hot bottom boy Luca! The best and truest line of dialogue was Luca blurting out "Use my hole" after sensational sucking and foreplay! And use Luca's hot little ass Colby exactly did fucking the cum out of him! Very hot scene!

Luca is a master at cucking cock. He takes the full shaft and swallows Colby to the point the cock disappears completely. And when it comes to eating ass, Colby and Mikey are equals. They love the taste of ass and can actually pound an ass with their tongues. The deep dicking of these two is amazing. LOVE THIS SCENE.


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