Colby Blows a Hot Load Inside Mickey

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Mickey Knox comes out rocking a big swinging cock and a tight bubble ass teasing his way into tonight’s ColbyKnox live webcam show. That sexy sight has Colby Chambers turned on with a hard cock and ready to explore the depths of Mickey’s ass. This new gay porn video starts out with a little aggressive ass slapping before Colby has Mickey pinned down and taking his thick cock deep in that tight ass. The rough antics only come after the two lovers spend time intimately worshipping each other’s body and exploring their lips with their tongues. On their knees, the guys are in each other’s arms kissing their mouths, nipples, and teasing their necks with gentle kisses. After giving Colby a hot round of cock sucking, Mickey climbs on to his cock, feeling each inch of the seven inch cock slide inside. Holding on to the headboard, Mickey continues to guide his ass up and down on that rock hard cock. Colby then pushes Mickey on his back and throws his leg over his shoulder as he continues his hard ass pounding. Looking intimately in his eyes, Colby is thrusting deep inside as feels his balls slap against that tight ass. The guys end up on their knees as Colby continues to power fuck Mickey from behind causing him to pant and moan with each thrust inside. Colby’s cock is penetrating deep in Mickey’s ass, causing him to shoot a huge load of cum that he catches in his hand and then eats. Colby is ready to finish the fun and shoves his big cock back into that tight ass and he pounds out a huge load of warm jizz deep inside of Mickey’s hole. The guys love sharing their fun with online friends and Colby spreads Mickey’s ass cheeks to share the warm load of cum he just left in his hole.



I know this was one of my favorites !!! OMG- I need a fix’s before work today... Thanks guys.. ??

Winning duo

Mickey and Colby are my favourite and in my opinion the most awesome couple in the biz. It's such a joy and privilege watching them be intimate. Thank you as always guys for sharing.