Colby and Mickey Take Turns

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An extra frisky Mickey Knox starts today’s live cam show by biting Colby Chamber’s sweet man ass and making sure his lover knows what he wants. These pros know how to have a good time and the love they share for each other always translates into a steamy fuck session for their many fans. Colby is standing on the bed in his blue boxers giving the online fans a glimpse of his long, hard package before his lover enters the scene. In this adult gay porn, Mickey gets Colby’s ass warmed up by tongue fucking it before he rubs his spit on and fucks his big dick inside that tight hole. With Colby lying on his stomach, Mickey works his way behind him on the bed and buries his face down into his thick bubble ass. Mickey works that tight ass over by starting slowly and progressing into balls deep thrusting that has Colby opened wide. Colby climbs onto Mickey’s hard throbbing cock and is pulled deeper with each thrust inside his man hole. These guys are feeling the intimate connection this afternoon and you can hear them get verbal as the fucking gets more aggressive. Colby decides it’s his turn to drive and flips Mickey over, ramming his thick cock deep into his ass. A rock hard and aggressive Colby starts power driving his man meat as deep into Mickey’s ass as he can take it. That tight ass milks a huge load of warm cum deep inside of Mickey and Colby takes his hard cock to push it even deeper inside of that hole. Grunting and breather hard, Colby come to a climactic end shooting his huge load then pulling out and slapping his cock on Mickey’s ass. These guys end up drenched in sweat and cum after another hard fucking session together.



Love you guys !!! ??-Sherry

colby and mickey take turns

Man I really love these guys>how did they get together and what happened to Tyler? I like them so much I paid for a years subscription>why do we not get to see the cum dripping out of Mickey's ass?


Everything about these guys and their relationship and how they have sex is dynamic and powerful and fkn hot! I really find it so appealing when these two slip into more of the power element of their relationship. It absolutely does wonderful things for me. Only thing I felt was a shame was that they had to keep breaking rhythm to check the screen and adjust things. But otherwise so fantastically sexy.

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