C&M in bed

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In this sexy show you get to see the boys having fun in their bed. Mickey is super horny tonight. With his cock rock hard he begs for Colby to please him. Colby starts by sucking on his rock hard dick, but soon turns to sitting on it. Damn, what a show when both studs shoot their loads.



Sometimes I can’t hear what you are saying to each other but, it’s sooo fucking hot ! Oh and that kissing- brings me to my knees.. missionary in this scene gave me the worderful view of seeing art in your bodies make beautiful love to each other !!! It’s so beautiful- you don’t ever want it to end... see you next time!!! ??

The intimacy!!

The intimacy is strong with this one! I love when you guys do missionary because you just can't hide how much you love each other???? the eye contact and whispering dirty little things is just so fucking hot. Hot. Damn.


so fucking hot