Bricked Up with Ethan Tate -BAREBACK-



Mickey Knox is always happy when he’s working around the house. From gardening to construction projects. Nothing can break his concentration. That’s not really true. A hot boy will distract him. :-) In this new video, Ethan Tate saunters to the patio. Last time we saw the cutie he was having fun with Mickey’s man, Colby Chambers. Ethan throws a book on the outdoor sofa (boys who read are so damn sexy). He looks toward Mickey, who waves hello. He’s surrounded by bricks, cement, and a level; focused on the work. Our shirtless workingman looks up as Ethan pulls down his trunks. What man wouldn’t be distracted by tasty cake? :-) Mickey unzips his jeans and pulls out his meat. The little flirt points his bare ass in Mickey’s direction. He smirks before getting on his stomach to read. Mickey, sitting on a cinder block, beats his tool. His stiff johnson leads him to Ethan’s booty. :-) “Hey,” Mickey says, massaging Ethan’s backside. “Goddamn. You’re looking fucking good over here.” “Thank you,” Ethan replies. “You’re looking pretty good over there.” Mickey wonders if he can eat Ethan out (consent is so damn sexy). Ethan approves and Mickey starts to munch. “Oh, yeah,” Ethan murmurs. Mickey’s tongue gets the hole slick and wet. “Fuck,” he exclaims. “You taste so good.” “You feel great,” Ethan notes. Mickey pulls the bouncy cheeks apart, so his tongue can go as far as possible. “Look at that beautiful hole,” he whispers. Mickey reaches for lube to make his dick slick. “Can I stick it in you,” he wonders. “Yes, sir,” Ethan replies. Mickey takes his time to get into the tight opening. Once in, he kisses Ethan’s ear. Then the pounding starts. The strokes to the balls. “Oh, you’re so big,” Ethan moans. Mickey takes a brief break to remove his pants. When he re-enters, he seizes Ethan’s shoulders for leverage. “You’re so deep,” Ethan whimpers. “It feels so fucking good,” Mickey retorts. The lads change positions. Mickey takes a seat so Ethan can ride him. His back is to Mickey as he situates his boy hole over the hard shaft. Then Ethan gradually takes a seat, his ass swallowing Mickey’s dick. He goes up and down, stroking his cock. “Fuck, yeah,” Mickey whispers. “That feels so fucking good.” Mickey wants to be back in control. So he grabs Ethan’s hips and pounds up. As he stretches Ethan out, Mickey licks the hottie’s armpit. He also smacks both buns. Ethan returns to the couch. This time on his back. His legs pulled back. Mickey goes back to eating the boy out. “I love licking your ass,” Mickey confesses. He places his tool back inside. “You’re such a beautiful boy,” he says. “So are you,” Ethan declares. Mickey grabs Ethan nuts like they are a handle. “Pull on them,” Ethan begs. He wraps his legs around Mickey as he’s penetrated. Mickey licks Ethan’s toes, from the big one to the littlest one. After placing a sloppy kiss on Ethan’s lips, Mickey focuses solely on dicking Ethan down. “You feel amazing,” Ethan moans. “You’re so deep.” Mickey pulls out, leaving only the tip in. When he plunges back in he pulls Ethan’s legs to the side. “Now that is fucking beautiful,” Mickey says, looking as his rod explores Ethan’s insides. “It’s all yours, baby,” Ethan replies. Mickey grabs a thigh and butt cheek, picking up the pace. “You feel so fucking good,” he declares. “I can’t get enough of you.” Ethan jerks himself as his ass is remodeled. He shoots a load, covering his pubes and dick with man milk. Mickey pulls out to taste all of the cum. Some drips back on Ethan's tool, but Mickey doesn’t let it waste. He licks it back up. It’s Mickey’s turn to bust. “Where do you want my load,” he wonders. “On my face,” Ethan answers. Mickey gets on one knee and jerks over Ethan. The cum explosion paints a half-moon on the cushion supporting Ethan’s head. The rest sprinkles on his face. He laps the juice remaining on Mickey’s tool. The two satisfied studs kiss and Mickey returns to work. How long before he’s distracted again? :-)


After hot handsome twink Ethan bares his butt while reading and sunning himself to seduce brick layer Mickey, who can't help himself from first rimming and then fucking the 22 year old's hot ass! When Mickey asked Ethan if he wanted more cock, the submissive twink replied "yes, sir!", and dominant Mickey granted Ethan's wish by fucking the cum out of him! Very hot!

Ethan's way hot! Mickey did a great job and his body looks like he's been woking on it!!! :)

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Two cute guys. Thanks for another nice scene.


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