Brandon Haze Returns

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The guys have their favorite sexy beach boy, Brandon Haze, back in the ColbyKnox house tonight for another live webcam show. This stud is a lot of fun to play with and Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are pretty excited to welcome him back to their bedroom. Brandon starts of this hot gay porn show alone on the bed chatting with the online fans. However, he’s not alone there for long before the resident lovers enter and get right to work on his sexy body. The underwear doesn’t stay on long before being pulled off and all three studs are rock hard and heavily involved in ass fingering, cock sucking, and making out. Colby is hard for some cock and gets right to work sitting on Brandon’s cock, taking a deep ride on his thick meat. Riding up and down on his hard cock, Colby is setting that pace of the ass penetration as he continues to work that hard cock in his ass. Brandon maneuvers Colby on his back where he throws his legs over his shoulders and he continues to fuck his tight ass. Mickey works his stiff dick in Brandon’s ass as he continues to lay the pipe to Colby. Brandon enjoys giving the long strokes but the guys soon have him flipped over to be burying their dicks deep in his hole. Colby moves between his legs and begins thrusting his hard cock deep inside causing him moan louder. These two have some real chemistry and display that through the intimacy of their fucking. Tag teaming his sweet ass has the guys rock hard and sweaty as they deliver the meat. Colby only pauses long enough to pull his cock out and shoot a load of cum all over Brandon’s body. That eruption prompts Mickey to shoot his sticky load of cum on to his chest and Colby and Mickey finally tag out, leaving Brandon in an exhausted pile of sweat and cum.


Brandon Returns

That was hawt to hear the thunder in the background as you guys were fucking around!