Bond Me, Bend Me, Break Me

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Payne Alexander has been dominating submissive men for years now and loves to inflect his will upon others. Grayson Lange is somewhat new to bondage and being tied-up is something he really wants to try, so they have decided to take it nice and slow while Grayson gets used to things. There is something about giving up control and letting someone do whatever they want with you. Knowing that they have control and can use your body any way they want. Restrained and feeling vulnerable can be extremely erotic when your ready to give yourself to your Master. On the Flip side imagine having a College boy tied up who's craving your cock and willing to let you use their body for your own pleasure. Sounds like a dream come true to be honest. Grayson and Payne have a wonderful time exploring each other in this scene. From teasing and tickling all the way to full on fucking these two have a great time.


Well done!

Found that bondage scene very erotic. Very well done by both guys, would like to see more like this.

Well, this was different...

Not really into bondage, but I’ll watch Grayson Lange in anything, and he is just as beautiful as in all his videos. Kudos to Grayson for trying new things!

Sooo worth the wait!!!

Awesome scene!!!