Bathroom Quickie with Colby and Mickey -BAREBACK-

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Sometimes you just can't wait for some ass!!! This release starts with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox retreating into the bathroom for some alone time. After a little making out and heavy petting, Colby bends Mickey over the bathroom counter and plows away at Mickey's tight, sexy butt. Mickey Knox looks into the mirror to watch his man's hungry eyes. Colby fucks away, giving his husband his big, throbbing cock. Colby pumps a load into Mickey's sweet hole, making sure to watch his husband's reactions as his ass gets filled up. The boys break for a bit for some more making out. Mickey needs to cum so he asks Colby to put his cock back into him and play with his ass cheeks. This does the trick because it coaxes a warm, satisfying load from Mickey. Enjoy!!!