Anniversary Surprise -BAREBACK-



This week's ColbyKnox release starts with Colby pulling into the driveway. He gets out of his car and dashes to the front door with a bouquet of roses in his hand. He wants to surprise his husband with flowers as today is their 7th wedding anniversary! But his husband Mickey has a much bigger surprise in store for Colby. Colby walks in to find his husband fully naked, wearing a blindfold and a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. Upon closer inspection, Colby notices the phrase 'Happy Anniversary' written on Mickey's ass cheeks. After setting the roses aside, Colby snaps his fingers and waves his arms around to test if Mickey can hear or see him. No response is given. He slips out of his shoes and gets on his knees right behind Mickey's spread-out ass. Without holding back, Colby immediately digs his tongue directly into his husband's willing hole and begins to eat Mickey out. "Oh fuck!" Mickey exclaims. Colby takes off his shirt and sticks his tongue in deeper as Mickey moans louder. Colby takes off Mickey's headphones and the two say 'happy anniversary' to each other before making out. Colby then continues to lick at Mickey's hole and slap his ass a little. "It feels so good" Mickey whispers out right before Colby slips off his blindfold. "How long have you been waiting here?" Colby asks. "Like, 20 minutes", Mickey responds with a smile. "I love my anniversary present", Colby says as he continues to lick into his husband's hole while grabbing onto his hard cock. After more licking, spanking and groping, Colby stands up and applies some lube onto his thick hard cock. "You ready for that present?" Colby asks as he fingers lube into Mickey's tight ass. Mickey smiles and nods. Colby leans down and slowly enters his husband. "Feel that fucking throb in you" Colby moans as he puts half of his cock into Mickey. The two hunks moan as Colby pushes himself deeper. "Oh my God" Mickey cries out as Colby licks at his ear. Colby starts to thrust his cock forward and backwards, "Oh yeah give me that anniversary ass". The two start smiling then kissing each other as Colby picks up the pace. "Ohhhh FUCK" Mickey cries over and over again as Colby relentlessly pumps his ass. Mickey's eyes shoot open when Colby slides his cock out and swiftly pumps it back in. "Oh yeah fucking slap it, use that fucking tight ass" Mickey exclaims as Colby spanks his ass hard while continuing to fuck him. Colby grabs onto the front of Mickey's neck as he proceeds to fuck him harder and faster. "Oh fuck yes baby" Colby growls as he slows his fucking to a crawl and kisses his husband some more. "Yeah fuck me with that big dick" Mickey pleas as Colby speeds up his thrusts. Colby pulls out and says "Why don't you sit on it?". Colby sits on the chair and Mickey rubs some more lube onto Colby's dick and begins to lower himself onto it. "Oh fuck yeah," Colby yells out as Mickey begins to bounce on his rock hard cock. "Yeah, bounce those fucking cheeks on my lap", Colby demands. Mickey takes the initiative and puts his feet on top of Colby's knees. Colby moves Mickey's ass up and down while spanking him, making Mickey's hard dick flop up and down with abandon. "Oh so good, fuck yeah" Colby cries out with his eyes clenched shut. Mickey returns to a more neutral riding position and bounces on Colby's cock harder and faster than before. "Oh God yeah it's coming" Colby yells as his moans get louder and louder. "Oh fuck I'm cumming!" Colby screams out as he fills his man's ass up with cum. Mickey gets up and stands over Colby, "Can I cum on you?" he asks. Colby replies with an enthusiastic yes. After a minute of beating his meat, Mickey sprays his cum all over Colby's chest, belly and face. The two kiss and moan as the scene fades to black. Happy Anniversary Colby and Mickey!


Adorably hot.

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That car sounds like it needs a little tune up.

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I love it

Happy Anniversary to the favorite couple of gay porn. What a nice surprise for Colby to find Mickey naked and ready to fuck. The fuck was awesome from every standpoint. The ear licking, the toes curling and the explosive cum made us all celebrate.

Flowers are nice but a bred ass and cummy kisses say I love you!

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Fabulous, sexy and fun from start to finish. Mickey's ass playfully inscribed with an inviting message, (-who needs flowers now ?) Colby's teasing tongue readys them both for a giddy-up wild ride on the office chair (that thing has seen some action).

Such a wonderful surprise! I loved this from beginning to end. Wishing you two the most incredible anniversary and continued celebrations throughout the year and for many years to come. I love you both so much with all my heart forever. ***L


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