Angelic with Angel Cruz and Mickey Knox -BAREBACK-

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Angel Cruz and Mickey Knox go at it like wild animals. Angel's intense energy and Mickey's ability to take one hell of a pounding makes for one of our best videos yet. Mickey gulps on Angel's thick cock then begs him for it to be shoved in his ass. Mickey loves it when the top takes control and Holy shit is Angel good at that. Angel throws Micky all over the room, fucking him in several different positions before he decides to fill his warm tight hole with cum. Before that mickey could not hold it in and blows a huge load all over himself. Some of it even hits him in his own face before the two make-out with the cum between their lips. After devastating mickey's hole and forcing him to cum Angel decides it's his turn. He takes Mickey by his ankles and goes to town. Thrusting harder and harder until he is ready to fill mickey up. Angel pulls out at the last second and sprays his cum load all over Mickey's tight hairy ass. It's obvious that the passion and pure joy in this video can not be faked, it's just two studs that genuinely enjoy fucking each other. Here at ColbyKnox the boys are always thrilled when Angel Cruz is in town and this visit was no exception.


good stuff

That dirty talk was hot.


Omg!??So beautifully intense. Angel brings it every time! The kisses, connection,enjoyment of tasting and fucking Mickey explodes off of Angel!Mickey is so Fucking hot,sucking Angels dick it’s amazing!One of my favorite of all guest screens!

Off the Charts

The chemistry between Mickey and Angel is intense and this scene ranks high into the rafters. Beautiful, sexy, hot and also beautifully captured on film. The Heat Factor is truly Off the Charts! Amazing scene Loves...Konagrl

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