All About Alex

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This beautiful blonde angel has only been in the business for about a year, but has already made a significant splash. Colby Chambers gets up close and personal with Alex Killborn asking him about his start in the adult gay porn industry and his experiences thus far. The guys talk about their small town experiences, relationships, and what kind of sexual scene each is into. The sex talk doesn’t go on for long until Colby pulls Alex’s chin in to start making out with him. While these studs intimately make out, Colby begins to explore Alex’s body by rubbing his cock and then rubs his hand inside of his shirt. Colby uses his tongue to lick Alex’s smooth tatted chest and nipples and continues to make out with him. He then moves between his legs to expose Alex’s cock and then begins to lick and suck his thick cock. The guys strip down and get into some steamy 69 action on the leather couch. Alex may be new to the business but he sucks cock like a seasoned pro. The 69 action continues until Colby pulls Alex’s ass on his face to start tonguing his hole, getting it ready to take his thick cock. Alex then straddles Colby’s thick cock taking all seven inches deep in his ass. He gyrates up and down while Colby slaps his ass and moans as he grinds deeper onto his cock. The fucking is fast paced and hard as these two work in sync to make each thrust probe deeper. Colby repositions Alex onto the arm of the couch for some doggy style fucking, working behind him to shove his cock back into that tight hole. Alex has his face planted into the couch as Colby grinds deeper and harder with each thrust of his cock. Colby reaches up to grab Alex’s shoulder, pulling his body deeper onto the shaft of his cock. Alex continues stroking his cock while getting plowed from behind. The feeling of Colby’s thick shaft rubbing against his prostate is more than he can handle and Alex shoots a huge load of cum on the couch while still getting drilled from behind. Colby pulls out to explode with a giant load of cum all over Alex’s back. Alex is quickly learning the ropes of the industry and that results in another hot gay porn scene.


is it colby's revenge on alex for fucking mickey?

colby is so strong and macho..teaches alex killborn a good lesson

All About Alex

When Alex mentioned that he usually bottoms in personal relationships but tops in hookups, it looked like Colby would be on the bottom, but, thanks to some excellent rimming by Colby, Alex's mind was changed and his blond butt was fucked.

All About Alex

Alex may think he owns NY, but he can own me anytime. WOW just WOW.

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