Ain't Love Grand

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Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are celebrating their four year anniversary and today’s release shares some of the most intimate details of their relationship. They guys take us back to the beginning and share the story of how they first met. Individually, they provide special interviews that detail their love story and how their leap of faith has created such a special life together. Those intimate details lead into another round of love making that allows Mickey to mount his lover’s back and give his ass one hell of a workout. Colby is happy to take Mickey’s rock hard meat after having his cock sucked and ass eaten. His ass takes a hard ramming from Mickey and he shoots a huge load of cum all over his chest while still getting fucked. Mickey is hungry for Colby’s load and licks the cum from his chest swallowing his seed. This passionate scene ends with Mickey shooting a huge load of his own on Colby’s ass. These guys demonstrate that their love and fun together only gets better with each year they share together.


Playfulness, Chemistry, Passion, Love

Not only is this a totally hot scene, but it is an intimate glimpse into the love life of two soul mates. The tenderness and playfulness that colors their interaction makes an amazingly arousing contrast with the ferocious passion and sexual energy that makes the bed shake! The bed shook because their hearts were first shaken with a love that defies description and can only be communicated in the little, seemingly ordinary details highlighted by the interviews. And therein is found the alluring mystique of Colby Knox: a love that transcends two beautiful bodies whose sexual and erotic adventures show but an infinitesimal part of a reality that consists of the union of two hearts. Many thanks for sharing your love with us!

Love is an amazing thing

i just so love seeing the passion of these two, thank you for sharing this to us, love you guy


I love when Colby bottoms, especially when they are face to face. Their love and passion is so beautiful and sexy!

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