A Quick Fuck With Nick Romero

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Nick Romero is a local NC model that recently applied to ColbyKnox. He had seen Colby and Mickey online a few times and wondered what it would be like to be the center of their attention. Colby noticed Nick's profile right away because of his beautiful smile and plump Twink ass. Mickey was immediately drawn to his lean body and huge cock. Tonight is their first time meeting face to face and the boys are ready to try something new. Rather than doing the friendly handshakes and getting to know you, the boys want to get at Nicks tight young body as soon as possible. Colby wants to see what Nick Romero looks like bent over in front of his cock and Mickey is eager to film it. Nick is obviously nervous but does a fantastic job taking Colby's thick hungry cock. Its really a treat to see the nerves and anticipation over powered by the boys natural lust for one another's sexy athletic bodies. Colby and Mickey have a lot of fun trading the camera back and forth while they simultaneously pass Nick's tight hungry ass back and forth as well. Nick warned the boys he's a bit of a involuntary moaner, they were sure the viewers would enjoy that as much as they did. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox are pros at breaking in newcomers at this point, this new gay porn video from ColbyKnox is no exception. Nick moans and grunts while he powers through taking both Colby and Mickey's cocks until they both cum for the camera in an explosion of sexy thrusts and pumps aimed right at Nick Romero's tight beautiful ass.


Hot 20 Year Old Twink Gets Double Teamed

Hot 20 year old twink Nick gets welcomed to ColbyKnox and gets double teamed as first Colby and then Mickey take turns fucking that hot twink ass as Nick whimpers and moans throughout. Best line of scene as Nick was whimpering and moaning half in pain and half in delight was Colby saying "I'd like to tell you that I'm all the way in, but I'm only half way!" Sensational welcome of twink Nick to gay porn by Colby and Mickey. Nick's hot little ass looks great taking cock.

Gotta love breaking in a new model!

I really enjoyed the different filming style of this scene. I'm sure most camera men wouldn't be able to film a scene while also being able to jump in front of the camera several times and so seamlessly. I also loved Nick's moaning. He was certainly enjoying himself.