A Magical Afternoon

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Barry Porter and Jake Lovetoy grew up and went to high school together. Barry was not the most popular kid in school and grew up as the underdog. Jake was one of the kids that always picked on and provoked a young Barry. In this new gay porn scene, Barry is all grown up and continuing to focus on studying his magic craft when an older Jake notices him again. This time, a more mature Jake approaches Barry and has something to confess. It turns out that all those times he was giving him a hard time in school was because he wanted to give him a hard cock. Surprised by this revelation, Barry is happy to drop to his knees to see exactly how hard of cock he has to offer. Barry isn’t disappointed to see that Jake is hard and well-endowed and he gets right to work sucking that long shaft. Jake gets Barry repositioned on his knees and buries his face into his tight young ass. Using his tongue, he explores his tight hole and preps it for his big cock. He continues by fingering his ass before he pulls out his cock and rams it deep in his hole. Barry is eager to take that hard cock and starts riding back and forth, taking his cock. Jake is ready to get balls deep and he grabs Barry by the hips pulling him onto his cock with rapid thrusts. Barry is moaning out load with each deep thrust and enjoys taking every inch of that thick shaft in his ass. The hard fucking continues until Jake flips Barry onto his back on the bench and he resumes his hard thrusting strokes, watching Barry’s face react to each stroke. Grabbing his legs to open his ass wider, Jake continues pushing his hard throbbing cock deep into Barry’s tight hole. The feel of Jake deep in his ass has Barry stroking his own cock until he shoots a huge load of cum on his chest. Jake isn’t finished yet and flips Barry one more time to mount his ass from behind. The two continue hard fucking as Jake pounds his tight ass from behind. That tight hole squeezing around his thick cock feels amazing and Jake pulls out to shoot his load of cum on Barry’s back. This is one surprise reunion that made for a hot gay porn video.


alex killborn wrecks mickey

nice.. alex fucks real good. mickey's moaning makes it all clear

Magical and Memorable

Mickey and Alex together is a real treat. Just great sexy fun.


Absolutely loved it great job