A Long Time Ago with Seth Alexander

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Seth Alexander is fucking Mickey Knox’s mouth while Colby Chambers is sucking Mickey’s dick, hot enough start for you? Seth Alexander joined Mickey and Colby for some live cam fun in the ColbyKnox studio. This big dick tatted stud has the husbands fighting for a turn at his tight warm ass. Colby takes the first turn and is quickly lubed up and balls deep inside of Seth’s ass. Colby gets a bit adventurous and decides to let Seth have a turn with his ass. Seth has a beautiful long thick cock that gives a whole new meaning to “just the tip.” Soon burying his cock deep in Seth’s ass, Mickey is enjoying the feel of his cock throbbing in that ass. Ever the good hosts, the guys are sure to leave two huge loads on Seth’s sweet ass.


Hot & Hilarious

Could not ask for hotter action - nor that classic Colby line, "Bro, I'm gonna need you to slow your roll."