A Day in the Country



Zach Taylor and Christian Bay have decided to take a trip to the country, away from work and all the associated stress. Alone in a secluded location, they are soaking up all of the relaxation and seclusion and decide to make the best of their trip. While these guys start the day out enjoying the sun, they decide to turn their attention to each other to enjoy some sexy fun outside. Zach reaches across to rub his hand down Christian’s chest, stopping at his crotch. While he slips his tongue in his mouth, he begins to fondle Christian’s big cock through his boxers. Zach and Christian enjoy each other’s big cocks and don't waste any time getting down to business. Zach gets on his knees in front Christian and slips his boxers off exposing his fully erect cock. He doesn’t hesitate, grabbing his cock by the shaft and burying it down his throat. Zach gives one hell of a blow job and is able to take every inch of that giant cock down his throat. Only stopping long enough to ask if he wants his ass eaten, Zach pushes his tongue deep into a bent over Christian’s hole. He continues to feast on that plump tight ass before Christian gets on his knees to service Zach’s cock. Zach is ready to stick his hard wet cock deep inside of Christian and he pushes his thick cock in his ass. Leaning him against a tree, he pounds his smooth tight ass from behind. They switch positions and Christian pushes Zach against the tree and slides a hard cock inside of his ass. Zach holds tightly onto the tree while Christian fucks him from behind, pounding inside with stroke after stroke. These studs enjoy the fact that they each get a turn to bury their dicks in something tight and warm. They hold off as long as they can but both wind up shooting their hot wet cum loads all over the place. This hot gay porn release shows there may be no better way to spend a relaxing afternoon together than by spending some time in the country.


Watching these two hot teenage guys going at it makes gay male sex a thing of beauty.

I only wish there were more stars. This is one of the top five scenes I've ever viewed, and that's since 1966. Zach and Christian should create a touring show. They could make a fortune. It is rare that two hot men match so well, physically, sexually and level of talent. Hell, even the dialog wasn't bad. Plus, they're still young. Predict lots of good things for both of them. Thanks for the treat guys!


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