Colby and Mickey go to Hollywood -BONUS VIDEO-

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While Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox were in LA for work they decided to film some of their adventures. The boys only had one day that was not booked solid so they decided to make the very best of it. Waking up early in the morning to visit the beaches and canals they knew they had a long day ahead of them. In order to be comfortable throughout the day they both knew they needed to blow their massive loads right before leaving the hotel room. Colby knows there's going to be hot guys everywhere and wants to fill his man full of warm Jizz to mark his territory before leaving. Mickey being thrilled at the idea of walking around Venice Beach with a huge load deep in his ass can't wait to make it happen. Fucking right up against the glass in their hotel room the two boys relieve some much built-up tension, soaking each other in their warm loads then rushing off to have the best day ever.



This is like all my favorite things about high quality professional and amateur videos rolled into one. That was intense, and I’ll probably come back to watch it a LOT.

Smoking Hot...Colby Chambers is a man who enjoys his work

Such a hot scene, Both guys are so hot... Knox has a fabulous ass. Then there is Colby...what a perfectly proportioned cock that he really knows how to use. It comes through the screen: this is a man who enjoys his work!

Epicly Outstanding!!!

OMG - what an amazing scene - the highlights too many to mention - the lighting - the angles - the precum - the pits - the asses - the cocks, balls & bushes all incredibly and sensitively shown ...... the love between Colby & Mickey is palpable and shows as they gaze into each others eyes One of the most outstanding scenes - love youse both so fucking much - thanks for your work and for your vision - fucking love youse xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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