Colby Chambers Pumps Mickey Knox's Ass

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Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have been horny as fuck all day long. They just filmed two smoking hot boys earlier in the day and Mickey is just craving Colby's thick man meat in his ass. After setting up the cameras Mickey goes and gets his man. Colby has been waiting patiently and is ready to blow. With his throbbing hard cock just waiting for a tight hole to cum in. Colby bends Mickey over and inserts himself about seven inches right up his tight ass. The girth is always what makes Mickey squirm. It's like Colby's dick just continues to grow too. When he first starts slipping it in he is gentle, but within one minute he is jackhammering that ass. No time to fuck around he want to cum. Not only is he going to bust his nut he plans on busting it so deep that Mickey has to walk around the rest of the day with it inside him. Stroke after stroke building up to his sweet release. The cum builds up until he can no longer contain it. Mickey holds on and feels his ass getting pumped full of cum with ever pulse. The best feeling in the world is making your man cum that hard...



The enjoyment & fun you two have with each other is empowering! Oh an it is sexy as hell... Colby has the moves and talks the talk... love you guys- gay porn #1. Thanks ??

Oh yes!

I love sexy whispers, dirty talk, and passionate husband sex.