4 Year Anniversary Show

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What do you get each other for the four year anniversary? A dick in the ass! Tonight your favorite ColbyKnox lovers are celebrating their four year anniversary with their fans in a live webcam show. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have been together for four years and they have only grown the love and passion together. That is demonstrated tonight as they celebrate by giving each other the gift that keeps on giving… hard dick in the ass! Mickey starts off the action by spreading Colby’s butt cheeks and burying his thick hard cock deep in his hole. Colby follows up with an ass splitting fuck deep inside of Mickey. That thick cock must feel good inside his ass because he shoots a huge load all over Colby while he is still fucking him. Later, Colby breaks out with his famous orgasm growl as he shoots his huge load of warm cum inside of Mickey, successfully breeding his ass. These guys enjoyed celebrating together and who needs cake when you can have ass!


Happy Anniversary!

So sorry I missed the show it was all twitters fault lol. Great to see what I missed you both were hot as always!!