3-Way Man Sex with Hattrickz

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In tonight's show the Boys welcome Steve Rickz to their bedroom. Also know as "Hattrickz" Steve is a well known webcam star, making tonight's show an extra special treat. Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox have been waiting months to finally meet Hattrickz and tonight is that night. Just hours before this show everyone met for the first time. Colby Chambers, excited to finally slip his thick hard cock deep inside Steve's round plump ass cant't wait for the show to start. Mickey Knox, excited to finally see Steve's 9 inch cock in person is also equally excited. Many boys will say they have 8+ inches, but Steves is the real deal. His cock is not only long it's thick too. Tonight's show hits almost every scenario possible. Mickey starts out by jumping right on top of Steve's massive ass and fucks him from behind. Watching Mickey pump away at Steve is a huge turn on for Colby and he demands to go next. Passing Steve from Mickey to Colby like the so often do is incredibly hot. The fun did not stop there however, Hattrickz wants to throw some dick down too. He bends Mickey over and fucks him doggy style. Forcing his thick cock to slide deep into Mickey's tight hole. Bending Mickey over and pleasuring his ass makes Mickey shoot his cum all over the bed. As the show comes to a close all three boys have shot their loads and are ready for bed. Another wonderful Live show from ColbyKnox.


Hattrickz Gets Fucked by Both of the Boys

In part 1 Hattrickz fucks Mickey raw showing off his big fat cock. Tables are turned in part 2 as the Hatrickz ass gets passed around for fucking, first Mickey and then Colby. Someone's test results must have expired as part 2 used condoms, a significant issue as Colby shot his load into Steve's ass, but none of his cum got out of the condom. The hot Hattrickz ass was on display getting double teamed by Mickey and Colby.

Almost perfect, expecting raw

The last video made was so good, bummer to see this video went back to condoms.

So hot

really hot guys but disappointing that its not raw... Especially when the other video was raw..

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