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Willy T. is a born country boy!!! He loves spending time outdoors and being active. While he is not opposed to occasionally bing watching some good TV, this boy really feels himself when he is amongst nature. He loves hip hop music and even dabbles in writing his own, focusing on lyrics and being able to just let go and rap. Sexually, Willy is bisexual with a slight lean toward woman. However there is just no substitute for a nice hard dick, since he LOVES to be fucked in the ass. "His words not ours";)

About Willy T.

Willy T found his way to working with ColbyKnox through mutual fans, as he has recently found his niche in webcam modeling and wanted to expand on the success he has already built there. Willy is the most down to earth and easy to talk to guy you could ever ask for, once you get him comfortable and past his adorable bit of shyness that is. He is from Tennessee and even though he is a nature junky, he still loves to hit downtown and tie a buzz on with some good friends. Willy's biggest hero is Rocky Balboa, he loves that never give up iron clad drive in the characters he looks up to.

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